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Excalibur, Chartered Accountants is a trading name of DPR Accountancy Limited

Company number 4289414 (England and Wales)         Arrendene Road,Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 9JT

Telephone 01440 702339   Email:  website@excalibur.uk.com        © DPR Accountancy Ltd. All rights reserved

We have used the majority of software packages available on the market for
small and medium sized businesses and can assist with both the initial setup
and ongoing maintenance.

The most popular accounts software in the UK is almost certainly the Sage range.
We have a great deal of experience with these products and were members of the
Sage Accountants Club for many years. We run Client Manager software that allows
you to export a backup to us and then continue posting whilst we work on it.
When we send changes back, they are added on to your version rather than over-writing

We are also heavily involved in the Quickbooks range of software from Intuit and
are members of their Professional Advisor Programme. We can offer a similar
system to Sage above, which allows you to export data to us, continue to use the
software as normal and then import any changes that we make.