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Excalibur, Chartered Accountants is a trading name of DPR Accountancy Limited

Company number 4289414 (England and Wales)         Arrendene Road,Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 9JT

Telephone 01440 702339   Email:  website@excalibur.uk.com        © DPR Accountancy Ltd. All rights reserved

Other advisory services

We are sometimes approached in respect of other advisory matters and are pleased to advise on these or to refer people to someone else if we cannot assist.  In the past, we have been asked about matters such as:

Grant applications

Mortgage and loan applications

Raising funds for business

Presentations for business competitions and awards

Employment law

Disability legislation

Data protection issues

Suspected fraud within a business

Business valuations

Health and safety issues including the testing of electrical equipment

Official-looking letters, many of which turn out to be scams

Performing Rights Society

Small Claims matters and debt recovery


Estate planning, pensions and insurance