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Excalibur, Chartered Accountants is a trading name of DPR Accountancy Limited

Company number 4289414 (England and Wales)         Arrendene Road,Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 9JT

Telephone 01440 702339   Email:  website@excalibur.uk.com        © DPR Accountancy Ltd. All rights reserved

The early years of any business are crucial.

We at Excalibur understand that, in these early years, you set the procedures and
nature of the business that will follow you through the rest of the trading life. Just
as the foundations are the most important part of a building, getting a business
started on the right footing is important in determining whether it will succeed
or not.

For this reason, we offer special discounts for businesses in their first year of
trading to enable you to make better use of our services at the time you most need
them. There are no strings attached and no commitment. Our standard rates are
very competitive anyway and we trust that after the year has expired you will want
to continue using our services.

Part of what makes us different from many other firms is that we are the exact
opposite of the “hard sell”. We actively encourage clients to take on as
much of the accountancy work as they feel they are capable of in order to keep their
fees low.  Some clients have been very surprised by the accounting talents they never  
knew they had! We will do as much of the work as you wish us to do.
Starting in business