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Management accounts
It is a fact that many profitable businesses fail each year due to poor cash flow.

It is vitally important that a business is in full control of its affairs and has a
reasonable idea of its profitability and funding requirements both in the short
and long term.

This is not to say that you need to spend hours preparing detailed cash flow
forecasts or full colour graphs, but all businesses should be able to answer
two basic questions: 1) Is what I am doing making enough profit for me to want
to continue? 2) Do I have sufficient funds to enable me to pay all my bills for the
foreseeable future?

Annual accounts are necessary for tax calculations etc, but they can only show you
how you performed over some period in the past, not what you are doing now, and
it is what you are doing now that is most relevant to any decisions that you need
to make now. It is the flexible business that is the one that will survive.

Modern computer systems are fantastic at assisting with this role, but are only as
good as the information fed into them. We can assist by reviewing the information
and reviewing the results with you in order that you are well prepared to choose
from any options open to you.

It is your business and you make the decisions. It is our role to assist you in
making sure that you have all the information you need to make those decisions.