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Excalibur, Chartered Accountants is a trading name of DPR Accountancy Limited

Company number 4289414 (England and Wales)         Arrendene Road,Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 9JT

Telephone 01440 702339   Email:  website@excalibur.uk.com        © DPR Accountancy Ltd. All rights reserved

Software Sales
We are currently agents for Intuit (Quickbooks) and can supply software on demand.

We do not hold stocks, but the manufacturers will deliver within a few days.

Please call for details.

We can obtain other software on demand, but we have found that clients can generally
buy such software more cheaply from large retailers such as PC World than we can
buy from the manufacturers! For this reason, we often discuss which software is
most appropriate and then allow the client to buy direct to save money.

If required, we can supply computers already set up with Windows and your chosen
accounting package. These are assembled to order, please ask for a quote.

We have various packages installed on our machines, and so can quite often give
a demonstration and talk through the various features.

We are also able to offer tuition on variation packages on a one to one basis or to a
group, if preferred. Please call for details.